Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chris and Jen

Chris and Jen got married this past November in Williamsburg (that's 2 down, I'm sure I have about 15 more weddings in Williamsburg to go!) in a beautiful fall-themed wedding.
Jen's mother made her dress! Now there's a budget-saver.The cake by our good friend Josh Carr was really spectacular - and he custom-made it as a gift to the bride and groom. It was every bit as delicious as it was beautiful.
All the gorgeous photos above are courtesy of Kim Hawthorn of Photos Unscripted. Below are some not-quite-as-spectacular shots I managed to snag when not enjoying myself as a guest.
I thought this was pretty cool - inside the church the pews were decorated with wheat (what do you call them - stalks?) and tied with chocolate-colored satin ribbons. It was an inexpensive way to really bring the fall theme together.
The vineyards at the reception site - The Williamsburg Winery.
Another way not to break the bank, the tables had very creative centerpieces - hollowed out pumpkins the came from a friend's orchard, with floating candles.
I loved how the chandeliers at the Winery were decorated with vines. . .it really gave the room a romantic feel. The getaway car.


onesmallstar said...

omg!! what a small world. i sing in an a cappella group with chris. the photos are *amazing* -- can't wait to tell him i saw them on your blog! :)

diana said...

Small world indeed! It was a beautiful wedding. Thanks for the link :)


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