Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back in the 'Burg

I went to William and Mary so every once in awhile I find myself back in Williamsburg for a wedding. This past October it was for my good friends Megan and Mike. Here they are looking pretty relaxed before their big day. . .

The reception was held at the very elegant Williamsburg Lodge. Megan and Mike had booked one of the Lodge reception rooms but were booted out at the last minute (something to do with a conference elsewhere in the building that passed their room capacity) and they were offered the spectacular outside grounds as a consolation. Luckily the weather was gorgeous, so their 'consolation prize' turned into a major upgrade.

I loved Megan's dress. She picked it up at Lady Hamilton Bridal and it looked fantastic on her.

They did a great job of weaving their colors of pink, silver and black throughout the reception.

My husband and I had a ton of fun getting together with the old college crowd. No one wanted the evening to end, including the bride and groom - they joined everyone in hitting the local bars after the big party!

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