Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Danger. . .no trespassing.

If the post title doesn't ring a bell, then my apoglogies. . .it's really for my sister, my other sister, my husband, and all other huge Project Runway fans out there. Now that the important things are out of the way. . .Kara Janx got married! The Project Runway designer (from my favorite season so far, Season 2) married real-estate broker Sharone Sohayegh in her native South Africa last year.
I love seeing what creative people like actors, designers, and artists, choose to do for their own wedding. Kara's was held at a seaside villa in Cape Town, and her decor centered around cool earthy tones. At the last minute on their big day the couple realized they'd forgotten place cards (the horror! clearly there was no wedding planner involved) and Janx came up with a creative solution. She asked relatives to gather stones from the nearby beach, and on them she wrote guests' names with a gold pen, placing the stones at each place setting. Oh and yes, the bride designed her own dress.

All photos by Joe Dreyer.

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