Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Everybody does it

If you're currently serving as bridesmaid to one of your best friends, you're well aware that there are sometimes moments of stress, disagreement, temper-tantrums and even hideous dresses. Take a deep breath and a break with US weekly, and see your favorite celebrities in your shoes. I have to go with Cameron's dress as my favorite.

Cameron Diaz (at a friend's wedding), France, 2006
Jennifer Garner (at her former assistant's wedding), Montecito, California, 2006Katherine Heigl, (at her sister's wedding), 2007Jessica Simpson (friend's wedding), 2005
Mary-Kate Olsen, (friend's wedding), Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 2007


fatafelice said...

So does that make the job more glamorous or the stars less so? Hmmm...either way, I love seeing celebs at bridesmaids! :)

diana said...

Who doesn't? :)


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