Thursday, January 24, 2008

If I had my way. . .

So what would First Daughter Jenna Bush's upcoming May wedding look like? As promised, here's my take on things. What do you think?

From Top to Bottom
Column 1: Bates Photographic Studio, cake by Confetti Cakes, bridesmaid dress by J. Crew, image by Kim Hawthorn of Photos Unscripted.
Column 2: Flowers by Props for Today, image by Gerber Scarpelli.
Center Image: Shawn Childress .
Column 3: First image by Kuboto Photo Design, second image by Angelica Glass.
Column 4: First and second photo by Angelica Glass, church image by Bates Photographic Studio, flowers by Meg Smith.


Smartest Jones said...

I think it looks like it would be a fantastic scheme. At first I wasn't sure about the orange (considering it is a May wedding), but the orange is light (and citrusy) enough to pass for spring.

Cute blog!

bon mariage said...

I know what you mean - but the color just reminded me of her. And of course, it's on the casual side for the daughter of the president, my rule is, it's all about what the bride wants.

Susie said...

Spot on. The country scene works.

whiteaisle said...

I'm loving that orange dress and those earrings. I have a friend using orange as an accent for her wedding. I have to forward this to her immediately!


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