Thursday, January 10, 2008

Don't forget to send me pictures

Inside the adorable brown and white polka-dot thank you note my husband and I received in the mail today from Chris and Jen (you're welcome guys!) was a little slip of paper announcing their intention to travel to Tanzania and hike Mt. Kilimanjaro. Why? They're doing it to raise money for Street Sense, and they chose to support this organization in lieu of providing wedding favors for their guests.
Weddings can be expensive and it's nice to see that more and more couples are finding ways to be charitable, some even forgoing their own gifts and encouraging guests to donate to their favorite charity instead. It's become so prevalent that many organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the US Fund for UNICEF will actually supply the table cards that explain the wedding donation to guests. Another option, the organization JustGive provides charity gift certificates to give to your guests that can be redeemed at local and national charities - this way your guests can decide what cause they'd like to support. To learn more about the idea of "celebrating with generosity" check out the website for the I Do Foundation.

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