Saturday, January 19, 2008

Save the date

Mark your calendars - First daughter Jenna Bush and her fiancé Henry Hager have announced the date of their wedding. The small ceremony will take place on May 10, at the president's ranch in Crawford, Texas. Are you as disappointed as I am that it's not going to be a "White House Wedding"? Not that I was expecting an invitation or anything, but even though it would have meant less privacy for Jenna - there would have been more press coverage (and therefore more photos with details to oooh and ahhh over) for you and I. Oh well, there's still Barbara. Here's hoping!

Curious to see what a ranch wedding would look like? Stay tuned next week when I'll put up a great inspiration board for the Bush-Hager nuptials. Until then, enjoy the long weekend!


Joseph Kohn said...

Interesting: will it be small and intimate wedding or a huge event?
I am a wedding photographer myself.
Never had an opportunity to photograph a wedding in Texas. Ranch wedding sounds intimate already.

bon mariage said...

According to "sources" it will be a small wedding. Read more about it here:,,20172118,00.html


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