Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wacky, Tacky and True

With the recent launch of Washingtonian's new wedding blog, Bridal Party , comes a fun opportunity for all you gals who have ever had to wear a bridesmaid dress you couldn't stand. Send in your most hideous bridesmaid dress photo and if you're among the best of the worst Bridal Party will feature you in an upcoming online slide show.

And speaking of hideous bridesmaid dresses, don't forget to go see newlywed Katherine Heigl's 27 Dresses, opening this Friday!
Yikes. Thankfully I've never had to be in any dresses quite that bad.


Sabine said...

oooh - you will have to let us know when the slideshow is up! Fortunately i just have to take pictures of the dresses but not wear them ;)

Susie said...

That movie was so cute!!


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