Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wear me baby one more time?

Last week Britney Spears headed to her local car dealership in one of the two wedding dresses she wore when she married Kevin Federline.
Ok, ok, so I know everything Brit does these days is pretty bizarre. But it got me thinking - don't you wish you could wear it again and relive the memories?
I still daydream about transforming my wedding gown into a short (but not Britney-short) cocktail dress a la this. Interested in wearing your dress again? Check out this, this and this.


bridalwishlist said...

i had two dresses. one that i wore to our daytime ceremony/reception and another for our evening reception. the daytime dress, i definitely would love to cut it down to cocktail dress proportions. it would look really cute! britney needs a hug.

diana said...

Does she ever.


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