Thursday, February 14, 2008

Be Mine

Happy Valentine's Day!
From me to you. But not, you know literally. And in honor of cupid, I've put together all sorts of cutesy, chocolate, red, pretty-pink and hearts-filled details fit for a Valentine's Day wedding.

(From top to bottom)
First Row:
1. Image from
2. Valentine's Day Cookies by Eleni's New York.
3. Image by Trever Boye
4. Image from Martha Stewart Weddings.
Second Row:
1. Cake by Cake Man Raven
2. Image from Martha Stewart Weddings
3. Image by Liz Banfield
4. Image by Charles Schiller
Third Row:
1. Image from Martha Stewart Weddings
2. Image from InStyle Weddings
3. Image by Kim Hawthorn
4. Image by Stacey Kane.

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