Sunday, February 17, 2008

Get Engaged!

Do politics and weddings ever collide? Well according to the knot, the nest and wedding channel they certainly do, and they want you to know all about it. Their newest collaboration:, a website that aims to motivate young engaged women and newlyweds to be educated about and to participate in the political process. Just in time for this election year, BridesDecide showcases the candidates' opinions on many of the topics that are important to young women.

Of course, coming from this group, they had to give you a little taste of something fun and wedding-related, right? Boy did they - check out the (current and former) candidates' wedding pictures!
The Bride Hillary Rodham, 27
The Groom,
Bill Clinton, 29
Wedding Date
October 11, 1975
The Location
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Number of Guests
Interesting Bill proposed over and over again before Hillary said yes

The Bride Janet McCain, 18
The Groom Michael Dale Huckabee, 18
Wedding Date May 25, 1974
The Location Hope, Arkansas
Number of Guests 75
It's ok to ask for an upgrade Huckabee was still saving up for the ring
when he proposed, so he used a pull-tab from a soda can the night they got engaged

The Bride Elizabeth Jane Harper, 28
The Groom
Dennis John Kucinich, 59
Wedding Date August 21, 2005
The Location Cleveland, Ohio
Number of Guests 350
Dry Times Dennis and Elizabeth planned an alcohol-free, vegan reception
but a friend loaded up his truck with beer, wine, liquor, and plastic cups,
and began serving all the guests.

The Bride Elizabeth Anania, 28
The Groom John Edwards, 24
Wedding Date July 30, 1977
The Location Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Number of Guests About 180
Don't let it happen to you Elizabeth bought her dress at the last minute,
after the gown she had originally ordered arrived four sizes too large.



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