Sunday, March 16, 2008

Look, it worked for Trista and Ryan

Happy St. Patrick's Day! When you're done with your pints of green beer and crawling home from the pub, remember that today is also important because it marks the season premiere of one of my favorite (and thanks to some subliminal messages, my husband's favorite) reality television shows: The Bachelor!
This season's bachelor is Matt Grant, a six-foot, five-inch blue-eyed 27-year-old "financier" from London. But is he ready to walk down the aisle? Well, he's apparently the youngest of five married brothers and is "ready to start a family", according to OK Magazine. Not a bad sign.

Call me a softie, but for some reason, past precedent has no affect on me, and instead, I just have incredible faith in this show. Sure, about 80% of the time the relationships don't work out, but you have to admit it's entertaining to watch regardless of the outcome. If people can find love on a blind date, newspaper personals, via speed dating or, then why can't they find it on a television show? Here's hoping that this season results in another on-air proposal, televised wedding, and well-publicized offspring, a la Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter.

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