Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Piece of Cake

When I got married, I didn't have a videographer. Honestly didn't even think about it twice, I mean, I HATE sitting down for an hour or two to watch family movies, and by eliminating a videographer I was freeing up money in the budget that I could spend on more important things. For the most part, I think most wedding videos are too long and cheesy. I've never regretted it. . .that is, until now.

I just discovered Layer Cake Films and I'm experiencing total and complete remorse. Finally, someone has come along with a fresh take on wedding videography, and I'm going to have to convince my husband to renew our vows or something, just so I can use them. The team at Layer Cake works hard to create so much more than just the average wedding coverage. They craft fun films for our generation - stylistic, offbeat, and ultimately beautiful works catered to the personal tastes of every bride and groom. Get a preview of their 'deliciously sweet' style at their website and blog.

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