Monday, June 30, 2008

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Well what do you know. . .these two went ahead and got married last weekend. . .congratulations to Sarah and Sean! It was a fantastic party, and just for you, I snapped some pictures to share the bridesmaid-eye view of the entire weekend.

The ceremony was held at the gorgeous US Naval Academy chapel, and I snapped a couple of pictures during the rehearsal Friday night. I was the first bridesmaid who had to go down that loooong aisle.
The rehearsal dinner was actually a full-scale Hawaiian luau held at the home of the parents of the bride.
Yup, they roasted a pig.
Chilling out in the hotel the night before the wedding. . .a fellow bridesmaid (and bff!) and I admire our pedicures from earlier in the day. I'm the one on the right. No comments about that middle toe on my left foot. . .please.Wedding day! Sarah poses for photographer Stevie T as I snap not-quite-as-professional pictures.

Sarah and Sean bust a move during their first dance.

Josh's incredible cake was my favorite detail of the evening.
No one wanted the evening to end, so after the wedding the bridal party and guests headed downstairs to the hotel bar to keep the party going!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Flickr is the new google images

Last night I was sitting on the couch listening to the sweet sounds of the Des-man's snoring, brainstorming cupcake ideas for one my brides. Why? Well, I'm not quite sure. . . the project is in the very capable hands of Josh Carr, baker extraordinaire. It probably had to do a just a little something with the rumbling in my stomach, but I digress.

So I searched "wedding cupcakes" on Flickr and my-oh-my did I enjoy myself. Didn't exactly help the tummy rumbling of course, but I found some fabulous cupcake ideas that might not be much use to me, but hopefully will give you all some ideas!

A&V Wedding Shower Cupcakes

'All you need is love' cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes with blush rose 'garnish'

'Just Married' cupcakes

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

With this ring. . .

So, have you chosen your wedding band(s) yet? This is mine. Ordered probably 3 months before our wedding. . .I love it.

If you're not sure what wedding band style best suits you, InStyle Weddings and Brides have some great ideas. Check them out. . .

.6 carats of marquise-cut diamonds in 18kt gold, Me & Ro, $4,505
Diamond Ideals, Harmony Wedding Band, price available upon request

Master Design, 18 karat white gold and pink gold wedding band set with baguettes and pavé set diamonds, price available upon request
.3 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds in 18kt gold, Armenta, $1,280
Vera Wang Fine Jewelry, $3,900;
3.24-carats of emerald-cut diamonds in 18kt gold, Bulgari, $9,800;

Wedding ring, Scott Kay, price available upon request

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You want wedding, you go Wang

As I mentioned back in April, Vera Wang is taking her wedding-savvy to the information superhighway with the launch of Vera Wang On Weddings. Well now the site is finally, officially up and running and it's even better than I'd hoped! For those of you getting ready to walk down the aisle, it's a great place to find ideas and inspiration. The site offers housewares and registry, attendant gifts, lingerie, fragrances, flowers, wedding and bridesmaid gown ideas and so much more. Don't forget to pick out some Thank You Notes. . .you're going to need them!

Gilded Leaf 5-Piece Place Setting, $139
Silk charmeuse draped column, Price available upon request Cocktail length halter dress, Price available upon request
Cotton Lawn and Charmeuse Ballet Gown, $92
Eyelet Spiral Laser-cut Notes, 10 for $24

Friday, June 20, 2008

Family Affair

Congratulations to Denis and Erica, who got engaged last week!
The family just keeps growing.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

That Ring, That Ring, That Riiiiing

Know those girls who only have one thing on their mind? Lauren Weisberger can tell you all about it in her new novel Chasing Harry Winston. The author of The Devil Wears Prada tells the story of three girls looking to say bye-bye to the single life. Check out for an excerpt.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Once again Bridalwave points out some gorgeous wedding-day shoes.

Necklace chain strappy sandals, Giuseppe Zanotti
$595, Net-a-porter


Monday, June 16, 2008

Destination Shower?

You know me, I like to turn the entire wedding process into a as many little parties as possible. So I was really happy to see that last week's DC Scout had an interesting tidbit. . .lingerie and swimwear retailer Sylene's of Washington now offers their store location in Chevy Chase as a venue for brides and bridesmaids to select their wedding and honeymoon apparel. "Party" packages range from $150 - $500 and include 10 guests and goodie bags. The top-dollar packages include wardrobe makeovers for guests!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Short cuts

When I got married, almost two whole gosh-darn-years ago (speaking of, any ideas for an anniversary gift?), I had grown my hair out as long as I possibly could so that I could pull off a fabulous up-do. I loved the way it looked, but a year later I chopped it all off.

So of course, since weddings are (quickly becoming) my life, the other day I found myself wondering what I would have done with my hair if had been short. My choices. . .

Ok, so my hair was never this short, but I've thought about having the guts to go the pixie-route. But then I suppose your styling options are rather limited on your wedding day.

The flip-out
The forties-style glamor girl (kind of Atonement-inspired, don't you think?)
The pin-up curls
The slick-back
The I-don't-really-need-to-do-anything-with-my-hair, it's so fabulous
The cabaret

I love how Natalie Portman looked when she cut all her hair off, and Katie Holmes always looks fabulous. Slightly crazy, but fabulous.

But ironically. . .I'm growing my hair back. I want it l-o-n-g. I have decision-making issues.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Berry Baskets

I love these favor baskets featured on Martha Stewart Weddings. Fresh strawberries and scones! I like the idea of giving your guests something they can enjoy the morning after.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Y'all come back now

And go back we certainly will. As you can imagine, New Orleans was a blast. I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked, and for that I blame these. . .
they were at every turn! So, I did what I could do.

The night before the wedding the parents of the groom hosted a party on their gorgeous wrap-around balcony overlooking Bourbon street at the Royal Sonesta Hotel.
The very elegant ceremony was held at the beautiful St. Patrick's Church on Camp street.
The reception was at the famous Pat O'Briens.
Oh yeah, we danced to the fight song.
No one likes a wedding to end, but the best part of the evening for me was when the jazz band led the entire reception outside to see the bride and groom to the limo and wish them well. The bride had a parasol in hand and the guests were handed out sparklers. We took the party to the street!


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