Monday, June 30, 2008

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Well what do you know. . .these two went ahead and got married last weekend. . .congratulations to Sarah and Sean! It was a fantastic party, and just for you, I snapped some pictures to share the bridesmaid-eye view of the entire weekend.

The ceremony was held at the gorgeous US Naval Academy chapel, and I snapped a couple of pictures during the rehearsal Friday night. I was the first bridesmaid who had to go down that loooong aisle.
The rehearsal dinner was actually a full-scale Hawaiian luau held at the home of the parents of the bride.
Yup, they roasted a pig.
Chilling out in the hotel the night before the wedding. . .a fellow bridesmaid (and bff!) and I admire our pedicures from earlier in the day. I'm the one on the right. No comments about that middle toe on my left foot. . .please.Wedding day! Sarah poses for photographer Stevie T as I snap not-quite-as-professional pictures.

Sarah and Sean bust a move during their first dance.

Josh's incredible cake was my favorite detail of the evening.
No one wanted the evening to end, so after the wedding the bridal party and guests headed downstairs to the hotel bar to keep the party going!


Susie said...

WOW. The church and her dress are both GORGEOUS. Um but hello what about the bridesmaids dresses??

bon mariage said...

I loved the silhouette of her dress.

Didn't get any good pics of them!

Alicia said...

What a party!!!


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