Thursday, July 3, 2008

From sea to shining sea!

Is there anyone out there who would really, purposefully, plan a fourth of July-themed wedding? I'm not talking about a wedding that happens to take place on the fourth or on the weekend of the fourth. I'm talking about a fully themed-out ceremony and reception. Of course there is. That's why things like this exist. And earlier today I would have shuddered at the thought, but to tell you the truth, this inspiration board has me totally digging the idea! As long as we can exclude the star-spangled-dress that is. I had to re-post here and show you all.

It's casual, it's backyard, it's Americana! Why not? Check out Finding Calm in the Chaos for the full credits.

Happy Fourth of July all. . .I'm off to the beach. . . see you next week!

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