Friday, August 22, 2008

Becoming Jane

(Picture from Miller Info Commons)
I just finished it. Literally, like an hour ago, and I am all "Is there any felicity in the world superior to this?". And I'm actually not a complete Austen-junkie or anything. . . it's just that reading a book like Sense and Sensibility just puts you in a sort of finer-things type of mood, don't you think? So Austen-inspired, I put together this little wedding board.

All images by Massimiliano Morlotti except the following:
Column 1: Cake by Wendy Kromer, third image down by Renaud Camus.
Column 2: Dress by Melanie Potro.
Column 3: Jane Austen Notebook by papermenagerie.
Center image: Chilton Park by Sarah McCardle.
Column 4: Cookie image from Martha Stewart Weddings, invitation by Bella Figura, antique cameo pin image by Celeste33.

Check out more Jane Austen inspiration here.


Susie said...

I'm impressed you got through it. I tried to in my Jane Austen class in college and couldn't do it. It just draaagggeeeedddd. But of course I do love the movie. :)


Does the Dress Fit said...

I love the wedding board. It has a whole bunch of great ideas!


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