Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cake Smitten

This afternoon I was hit by a massive, arresting, tidal wave of hunger. Lunch and every snack I could get my hands on did nothing. I had no tv handy, so the Food Network was out of the question. I opted instead to go through almost the entire Flickr photostream of my absolute favorite cooking blog, Deb and Alex's Smitten Kitchen. You know, 'cause I have nothing to do right? No weddings coming this weekend or anything like that. But a girl can't work when she's got food on the brain! While I was practically salivating I found this sweet little photo set for Deb's Project Wedding Cake. For a friend's wedding Deb created what looks like a scrumptious cake made up of chocolate and vanilla layers, that somehow involves chocolate ganache, mango curd and swiss buttercream frosting. I love homemade-looking wedding cakes. And I guess it was somewhat work-related. You know, research. Mmmmm.

I know what your thinking, there's no way looking at these gorgeous shots of sumptuous food satisfied my hunger.
But really, you couldn't be more wrong. It's soothing. Pleasing to the senses.

Sigh. To hell with it.
You win Deb.The finished product was quite lovely, don't you think? Now if you'll excuse me, there have to be some cookies around here somewhere.

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