Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've got a fever

. . .and the only prescription is. . .more beach volleyball!

Seriously, anyone watching the Olympics in high-def? It. Blows. My. Mind. I never knew watching sports could get me so fired-up. My husband is loving it.
Actual competition aside, I totally felt for American beach volleyball star Kerri Walsh when her wedding ring fell off during her opening Olympic match against Japan. I lose everything. No joke, ask anyone I know, everything. Keys, metro cards, don't even ask how many cell phones. I'm so shocked I've never lost my wedding rings. Lucky for Kerri, a team of Olympic venue workers sifted through the sand and used metal detectors to find it. If I ever lose mine, I'm not going to have that kind of help. . .maybe I should resort to what Kerri's done and wrap tape around my ring finger?

But I can't. It's too pretty!

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