Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Boo!

Don't freak out, I haven't gone goth on you, I swear. But there are only three more shopping days until Halloween, and if you're still looking for a costume it turns out that there are just about a zillion ways to spin being a bride. There's the classic zombie bride (as seen above), the shotgun bride, bride of Frankenstein, vampire bride, devil bride, princess bride, pirate bride, trampy bride, skeleton bride, runaway bride and. . .I bet you didn't know this existed, the sexy monster bride. Seriously, someone's going to buy that. Just to name a few. Happy hunting!

Photo by D. Bising.


CTemp said...

it would be cool to see anyone who has a Halloween wedding. we have some good friends that both loved Halloween when they got married (still do), so that got married on OCT 31st. We didn't know them at the time but saw photos. it was awesome. Talk about unique weddings. that takes the cake (pun intended). does anyone have some wedding pictures from a Halloween wedding they would like to share?


Susie said...

trampy bride gets my vote. after all, halloween is the one night of the year that a girl can dress like a ho and no one can say anything about it.


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