Thursday, October 23, 2008

No, No, No!

As previously mentioned, along with all the sublime gowns that floated down the runway last week there were just a few weak points. So today I give you the low lights:

What was with the weird shepherdess trend going on? Sure I'd venture to guess that a huge chunk of brides to be, let's say close to 50%, end up walking down the aisle in the good 'ol classic poofy dress. But nobody wants to look one staff and a few sheep away from being Little Bo Peep, right? Cross these off your list.
Atelier Aimee
Reem Acra
Then there was the acoutrement obsession. Hmmmm. Let's see how many doodahs and doohickeys we can add to a dress. Hats! Pleats! Feathers! It's modern, we swear! Nix.
Kenneth Pool
Oh and I just don't know what to do with this one. You carry a bouquet down the aisle, you don't need more attached to your shoulder and your hip. Pass.
Atelier Aimee
And I hate to say it, but the boring award has to go to. . . Badgley Mishka! Who'd have thought that the design duo responsible for some of the most gorgeous gowns to grace the red carpet would produce such a blah, ho-hum bridal line? Skip it.

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