Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Seat me

Do I need to tell you again? I am a dork for all things weddings. So naturally one of my favorite parts of the planning process is selecting place cards and arranging the seating. Think I'm joking? I do place cards for everything, if more than three people are coming over for dinner, you can bet I'm telling them where to sit. It might sound prety OCD, but the truth is I think it puts people at ease.
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Of course, I've been to plenty of weddings and been disappointed with where I was seated. Adorable place cards can only get you so far. You, the bride and groom, have to do the work and really think about where to seat everybody. . .and it's harder than you might think!
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The most important step is to put aside some serious time to tackle the task, and focus. What groups of people are truly going to have the most fun together, including the new Mr. & Mrs? Maybe your college BFF is the first one to have a baby. . .that doesn't necessarily mean you should put her at the parents-only table. Or perhaps your co-worker is no longer bringing her boyfriend post-break-up? Come on, she's not really going to be happy at a thrown together-table of singletons who don't know one another.
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Promise me you'll think about it peeps. Please. And don't forget to pick something pretty.
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Anonymous said...

I too use place cards for EVERYTHING from my upcoming formal wedding to small dinner parties. It's become my signature. I love Kate Spade and Mrs. John L Strong place cards

Demetrio said...

Great ideas! simple and cute!


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