Friday, December 5, 2008

Are they for serious?

I've been to one or two weddings where you could feel a certain. . . let's call it concern, from the guests about whether or not the couple tying the knot was. . .let's say meant for each other.
To be blunt, some of us (ahem, them) were taking bets as to how long the marriage was going to last.
Sad, but true. But if you ask me, there's no need to speculate.
I always say that you can judge the future success of a marriage by how genuine and happy the bride and groom look in their wedding pictures.
If true love is in the air, there should be no posed smiles, no vanity, no smirking and no (what the?) glaring.Why do I bring it up? No reason. So, hey, Speidi finally got married. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I've been to more than a few weddings like this. And currently can think of one engaged couple that i doubt will make it down the aisle (a 14 month engagement seems suspect). It's sad but 50% of all marriages do end in divorce...

Susie said...

Oh, so many thoughts. The big quest is will Heidi and Spencer's marriage last. I think it could, but it may be at the expense of Heidi losing more relationships in her life because of Spencer. She has to think about whether that is worth it to her. I think she's an enabler. It doesn't seem that she calls Spencer out on his bad treatment of people. He thinks he can have her in his life and still be an arse, but I think if she really loved him she would demand more of him. And i'm done.

bon mariage said...

Susie - Or is it even legal?

Also, and I can say this to you since we're BFFs and all, but I think you're taking the Hills just a wee bit to seriously.



Crystal said...

The truth is, just as many "lovey" weddings end in divorce. I was the bride in one of those wedding where guests were making bets. A friend confided years later then the highest bet we got was 5 years. We've long since surpassed that and we're still going strong to everyone's surprise. We knew something they didn't know, but it would have been nice to have had their support at the beginning rather then their negativity.

Just goes to show - you never know. No one thought Brad & Jen would EVER break up, look at then now. You never know...

bon mariage said...


Absolutely - no one ever really knows what's going on between to people. Congrats on proving them wrong!


P.S. This will sound crazy now, but back in the day the real shocker for me was Tom and Nicole. You know before all the Tom-craziness started. I was totally surprised - they had seemed so cute.


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