Thursday, December 11, 2008

From you, to them

If you're at least mid-engagement, by now you've figured you get a pretty decent amount of gifts out of this whole wedding thing. Which means, you're going to be needing some thank-you notes. A lot of thank-you notes in fact, so why not pick some absolutely gorgeous ones, like these beauties from Linda & Harriet.
I fell in love with them when I saw them on Cookie's Nesting blog this morning. I'm a fan of script-y looking fonts with a modern silhouette. These cards are limited edition and (swoon!) lined with vintage wall paper.
One small suggestion, if you don't mind my two cents. When we were getting married, we ordered our thank-you notes (lovely ones, from the Written Word) with our new address printed on the back. That lasted us through all the thank-yous for all our wedding gifts and then some. But fast-forward to our decision to leave the minuscule and overpriced one-bedroom apartment in 'glamorous' Penn Quarter for the quiet tree-lined streets of Glover Park and presto! Those envelopes were pretty much useless. So think long and hard before you order 500 envelopes with an address stamped on the back.


cj said... cute! Nice idea.

Anonymous said...

These cards were featured in an inspiration board on Snippet and Ink back in the fall...

bon mariage said...

Yup! You'll notice they're from the same stationery 'suite', but these are the note cards, not the invitations. (

bon mariage said...

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