Thursday, August 28, 2008

Flower Facts

This is kind of embarrassing since I'm a wedding planner and all, but I'm not exactly a flower expert. Yeah, I said it. Oh don't get me wrong, I love flowers and love picking out different arrangements. But, you know, I don't know flowers. Nope, I leave figuring out what's in season and what's going to cut costs to my favorite floral vendors. Which is why I'm always looking for tools that break it down nice and easy for me like the new Flower Finder at It's a great place to get floral ideas, compare costs and save some bucks by coming up with great substitutes. Here are just a few ideas!

Surprised at how expensive peonies can be?
. . .give carnations a shot.
Have to have hyacinths?

. . .ask your florsit to see some muscari instead.
Image by hansmuller_ar
And if you're just crazy for dahlias. . .
. . .some gerber daisies can do the trick!
All images from InStyle Weddings unless otherwise noted.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


How cute are these new fall ties from Vineyard Vines? I think they'd make great groomsmen gifts or even attire for that perfect seaside wedding.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Becoming Jane

(Picture from Miller Info Commons)
I just finished it. Literally, like an hour ago, and I am all "Is there any felicity in the world superior to this?". And I'm actually not a complete Austen-junkie or anything. . . it's just that reading a book like Sense and Sensibility just puts you in a sort of finer-things type of mood, don't you think? So Austen-inspired, I put together this little wedding board.

All images by Massimiliano Morlotti except the following:
Column 1: Cake by Wendy Kromer, third image down by Renaud Camus.
Column 2: Dress by Melanie Potro.
Column 3: Jane Austen Notebook by papermenagerie.
Center image: Chilton Park by Sarah McCardle.
Column 4: Cookie image from Martha Stewart Weddings, invitation by Bella Figura, antique cameo pin image by Celeste33.

Check out more Jane Austen inspiration here.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Team Lauren

I watched the premiere of The Hills on Monday, anxiously waiting to see if Audrina and Lo were going to have full-on catfight. . .and believe me, that whole "We'll never be friends" line was by no means disappointing. During the break I swooned when I saw LC in this pretty Roberto Cavalli gown at the premiere party.

(Photo from InStyle)
She's ready for a hippie-chic beachfront wedding! Just a couple of minor adjustments needed of course. Let's remove that flower print, go a shade or two closer to white and most importantly add a couple of inches to that neckline.
(Photo from
Extra points for the loose and elegant up-do, but none for hanging out with She-Pratt. She can't be trusted!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Me Likey

Last week Nina's mother did a really sweet thing. . .she got her daughter a few fun gifts to take along on her honeymoon. The obvious favorite was this gorgeous handbag we kept calling "the honeymoon bag". It was meant to not be used until the honeymoon but Nina decided to break in in just a wee bit early. But you know, I completely understand. Sometimes those weeks before your wedding can be stressful and frenzied. So follow suit, do yourself or your soon to be-married friend a favor and pick up a little something she can look forward to using once the stressful part is over!

Tory Burch Varsity Tote, $185

LeSporsac Piper Tote, $88

kate spade small coal tote bag, $155

Elaine Turner Tahitian Dream Oversized Tote Bag, $245

Sigh. Can I have honeymoon bag? To take to Portugal? For round 2?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Love Birds

For the last four months, I've had a blast working on Nina and Todd's wedding. The big day was last Saturday and I'm sad it's over! The new Mr. & Mrs. have great style and are both really creative, so we worked really hard to bring their personal flair in all of the creative touches. Check out these pictures from the fabulous Mary-Kate Mckenna.

Nina and Todd each had their sisters serve as their attendants. Her turquoise slippers were the same shade as their dresses.

Getting her make-up done by Sherry Wagman.
Atelier Floral Design handled all the flowers and decor including this super-cute Craspedia bouquet.
Nina's father walks her down the aisle at St. Peter's Catholic Church.

Husband and wife!

As you can see they did a great job of stopping all over town for pictures (including these at the National Gallery) and still made it to dinner on time!
My favorite picture.
Cupcakes & mini-cheese cakes by Josh Carr. There are six of them now in my refrigerator. Ok. Five.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cake Smitten

This afternoon I was hit by a massive, arresting, tidal wave of hunger. Lunch and every snack I could get my hands on did nothing. I had no tv handy, so the Food Network was out of the question. I opted instead to go through almost the entire Flickr photostream of my absolute favorite cooking blog, Deb and Alex's Smitten Kitchen. You know, 'cause I have nothing to do right? No weddings coming this weekend or anything like that. But a girl can't work when she's got food on the brain! While I was practically salivating I found this sweet little photo set for Deb's Project Wedding Cake. For a friend's wedding Deb created what looks like a scrumptious cake made up of chocolate and vanilla layers, that somehow involves chocolate ganache, mango curd and swiss buttercream frosting. I love homemade-looking wedding cakes. And I guess it was somewhat work-related. You know, research. Mmmmm.

I know what your thinking, there's no way looking at these gorgeous shots of sumptuous food satisfied my hunger.
But really, you couldn't be more wrong. It's soothing. Pleasing to the senses.

Sigh. To hell with it.
You win Deb.The finished product was quite lovely, don't you think? Now if you'll excuse me, there have to be some cookies around here somewhere.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've got a fever

. . .and the only prescription is. . .more beach volleyball!

Seriously, anyone watching the Olympics in high-def? It. Blows. My. Mind. I never knew watching sports could get me so fired-up. My husband is loving it.
Actual competition aside, I totally felt for American beach volleyball star Kerri Walsh when her wedding ring fell off during her opening Olympic match against Japan. I lose everything. No joke, ask anyone I know, everything. Keys, metro cards, don't even ask how many cell phones. I'm so shocked I've never lost my wedding rings. Lucky for Kerri, a team of Olympic venue workers sifted through the sand and used metal detectors to find it. If I ever lose mine, I'm not going to have that kind of help. . .maybe I should resort to what Kerri's done and wrap tape around my ring finger?

But I can't. It's too pretty!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Bohemian Bride

Hold on to your fedoras folks, US Magazine is reporting that model Agyness Deyn is engaged to Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr. and please, please, please let there be lots of pictures of their wedding on the internet. How else am I going to come up with ideas for my next set of angelheaded hipster clients?

(Photo via

Of course Agyness will do better than the House of Holland wedding dress she's modeling above. But I am thinking groomsmen in tight pants, suspenders and skinny ties, Leigh Lezark as maid-of-honor, American Spirit cigarettes in the welcome bags for out-of-towners and the Misshapes DJing the reception. It's all in the details.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sweet Dreams

I'm unbelievably behind on wedding gifts. They just keep coming, with no end in sight! While I was doing some online shopping these hand-embroidered pillowcases (featured on InStyle Weddings), totally caught my eye.

Available at Pine Cone Hill

Done. One down. . .three more to go!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Pretty Portraits

If you're like me and currently your wedding dress, your favorite dress in the whole world, the one you picked because it made you feel the most beautiful girl in the whole wide room, is just sitting on a hanger in the back of your closet until you decide what to with it, then you just might be interested in this unconventional idea courtesy of Wedded Bits. While you're figuring out what to do with the dress itself, make the memory of it a part of your home with a portrait from artist Stephanie London.
I'm torn about the practicality of the idea, but I love looking at these pictures, they remind me of the book 100 Dresses. What do you guys think, would you hang one of these up in your living room?


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