Friday, February 20, 2009

The getaway car

(Photo by maryluramsey)
I fell in love with the picture above while scavenging on FlickR. Isn't that 'Just Married' sign great? Simple and handmade, and check out those streamers. The whole scene reminded me that it's been quite awhile since I was a part of wedding where the bride and groom left the reception site at the end of the night in a vehicle that had been festively decked-out courtesy of family and friends. Probably because these days more and more couples are partying their wedding night away at hotel venues, and then just heading upstairs to their honeymoon suite when the night is over. But whether or not you go for elegant professional signage, car window paint, tin cans or even the route Shelby's brothers went in Steel Magnolias, it's such a fun tradition, I hope we start to see more of it!
Just Married Shabby Sign for the Bride and Groom, by Country Workshop, $9.99
Image by Wes Noonan
Photo by Kendz
Photo by Hector Mata


Anonymous said...

Love the getaway car (or boat, golf cart, chopper) with a cute getaway suit, even if your planning on an after party.

Down Comforter said...

Really sweet top photo - I love the vintage car :)


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