Thursday, March 26, 2009

Boutonniere Best Bets

The boutonniere is to the groom what the bouquet is to the bride, and since in general there's just a wee bit less room for creativity in groom/groomsmen attire, it's a chance to bring in a little embellishment. Martha shares some ideas. . .
This boutonniere is made from crepe tissue paper, for you DIY-types Dahlia boutonniere and polka dot tie

Nerines with hypericum berries and miniature cymbidium orchids with jasmine vine
This groom's orchid boutonniere is set off by a tiny Swarovski crystal frog. For reals.

Another one for the crafties: a ribbon boutonniere


Kay said...

I <3 bowties

smartest jones said...

I agree with Kay. That bowtie look is sharp, especially on the blue suit with the chalk pinstripe. As you say, bonmariage, "loves it!"


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