Thursday, March 5, 2009


The other day I was sending out a thank-you-note (the 'Apple' from Carrot and Stick Press, thanks Alice!) to someone who very much deserves it (for three boxes of maternity clothes and more) and just as I was about to drop it into the mailbox, I realized I'd accidentally affixed an old 39 cent stamp. Oops.
With all the postage -hiking that goes on these days, you really need to keep your eyes on your stamp stash. The District Domestic informs us that Postal Service will be delivering a new increase in the coming months. Take note for your save-the-dates, thank-you-notes, invitations and RSVP cards: new rates start on May 11th. Read more about the new rates, new wedding stamps offered, and stamp personalization options here.

(Pictures by Darling Dexter)

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