Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Manors

If you're still looking for a reception venue, consider heading out to Virginia this weekend for an open house or two. Two gorgeous local manors are opening up their doors to engaged couples this Saturday and Sunday.
Visit the traditional Jeffersonian Foxchase Manor (8310 Chatsworth Dr., Manassas; 703-369-3638), from 11 to 3 on Saturday and noon to 4 on Sunday. You'll be impressed by the 45-candle chandeliers and 18-foot ceilings in the 500-guest capacity Grand Ballroom. While your at it the private residence Rose Hill Manor (42140 Raspberry Plain La., Leesburg; 703-771-9177), also boasts spacious beautiful ballrooms, will be open from noon to 3 on Saturday and Sunday.

(Picture 1 and 2 by sarahnjacob,
Pictures 3 - 5 by Vivrelle)

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