Thursday, April 2, 2009

Princess for a night

Just got back from Hitched where I dropped of six, count them SIX dresses for their 4th Annual Hitched Dress Drive to benefit Princess for a Night. Including three bridesmaid dresses and, wait for it people, the dress I wore to my junior prom. My JUNIOR prom. Eleven years ago. Seriously what the hell was that still doing in my closet?
During the month of April, Hitched invites you to bring by your old bridesmaid dresses and donate them to students in our community who might otherwise not be able to afford a dress for prom night. And my bet is that like me, you have at least a couple of similar dresses gathering dust and taking up space in your closet.

Their goal is to collect one hundred dresses - they only have 94 more to go!

(Image via Ruscara)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful cause. I love the idea of remembering to give back to those less fortunate.I'm trying to incorporate this into my wedding by making sure left over food and flower centerpieces are donated to my local women's shelter.


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