Monday, May 25, 2009

Edible Art

Well I certainly hope everyone's enjoying the long weekend as much as I am. We spent Saturday lounging by the pool and I devoured the June issue of Vogue, which is just filled with wedding ideas and inspiration. My favorite is Lauren Howell's Mosted Wanted piece. The accessories editor is planning an October wedding on the San Francisco Bay and ever-so-coolly citing inspiration from artist Wayne Thiebaud, she's having friends and relatives (who must have some serious kitchen skills) each make small cakes for the wedding, kind of similar to what we saw this bride do.
It's a great solution if you're having trouble deciding on cake styles and flavors, and what a fun way to keep things whimsical without copying the cupcake trend. While you're being so creative here's a suggestion, why not have a different cake centerpiece for every table? Save on centerpieces and come dessert time guests can help themselves!

(Picture 1 Cakes by Wayne Thiebaud, photo from Cliff1066, Picture 2 from Sarah Magid's Custom Organic Cakes)

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