Monday, June 29, 2009

Back in the saddle

I've never been a fan of the whole 'I'm so sorry, it's been so long since I've posted' etc, etc blogger apology. Too many of those and it takes up the whole blog. Don't apologize I always think. . .just post! But I guess it's my turn because where the hell did June go?

Oh that's right, I had a baby. :) (And thanks for all well wishes by the way!). The last four weeks have been an amazing whirlwind of diaper changes, 3 am feedings and that intoxicating baby smell that you just can't get enough of. Silvia is one month old and it's starting to get a bit easier to get some time to myself while she's sleeping. Which she's doing right now. . .shhh.

To get started once again, there were some absolutely to-die-for LWDs seen out and about on your favorite celebrities the past month. Enjoy!
Blake Lively
(incidentally, this is the best I've ever seen her look, ever. I mean I think she usually looks great, but this is phenomenal. She should only where this dress and these heels, always.)
Kate Bosworth in Rodarte
Michelle Williams in 3.1 Phillip Lim
Zoe Saldana in Bottega Veneta
Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte
Cameron Diaz in Oscar de la Renta
Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior

Thursday, June 4, 2009

First comes love, then comes marriage. . .

. . .and then, you know. Traditionally speaking of course.
Folks, she's here! As of this Sunday we are now a household of four (including this guy), and are just back from the hospital yesterday afternoon. Please give me a while to readjust and take some rest. . .Bon Mariage will be updated sporadically while I'm on maternity leave so keep coming back! Looking forward to being fully back up and running in a few weeks.
Desi's on high alert (ruh roh!). He can sense there's a new queen bee in town.


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