Friday, August 7, 2009

The morning after

Lots of couples, at least those who can get themselves up early in the morning after a night of dancing til the wee hours (read: NOT ME), choose to have a post-wedding brunch the morning after their wedding, as did actress Ali Larter.
I love the dress and hat. It's so "Mrs.".

If you're more of an early-bird than I am, a next-day brunch can be a wonderful way to thank your guests for helping celebrate your big day, a great excuse to add another LWD to your wardrobe and the perfect honeymoon send-off.

Just a word of advice. . .be sure there's plenty of water and maybe even a Bloody Mary bar around for those guests who don't bounce back quite as quickly.

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Anonymous said...

At this point I think the next day brunch is becoming just as standard as the rehersal dinner and wedding itself. My fiance and I just received an invite for a Sept wedding that we (along with a great deal of family and friends) are flying in from several states away with no welcome dinner or next day brunch. I cannot describe how utterly surprised I was. My fiance and I are planning a brunch the day after with lots of food and bellinis to thank our guests.


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