Tuesday, November 16, 2010

oh it's ON

Guys, this is big. MAJOR. Can you believe that we have a real-life, fairy-tale, ROYAL WEDDING to look forward to in 2011?
(Picture via Hello magazine)
Prince William has finally popped the question to his "commoner" would-be princess, Kate Middleton, who from this day forward will be referred to by the royals as the much fancier "Catherine".

Did you hear me? A commoner will marry her prince charming. Literally. It's too good. It's TOO much. I live for this stuff. Plus, I've always found Kate to be ever-the classic and stylish lady, and I expect the big day to deliver on all points.
(Picture via WaityKaity)
(Picture via exposay.com)
(Picture via stfome)
(Picture via JustJared)

And of course, the dress speculation has already begun! Here are the first few efforts courtesy of designers Stephane Rolland and Ben De Lis.
(Picture via Hello magazine)
But don't ask me for my vote because there's no way I'm weighing in this early. I wonder if I should just go ahead and get a subscription to Hello! now?


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