Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Recap

My, my.

Well it's been a long time friends, and let me go ahead and apologize right off the bat for the radio silence the last several months. There's not much to say except that I've been staying at home with the most delightful not-quite-2-year old on the planet, planning the occasional wedding, and making the move to a new city. Yes, a lot to deal with but not overwhelmingly so. So I suppose another element of it was was that unavoidable feeling that after years of almost exclusively wedding-related blog posts I was stuck in a rut. Yuck.

But now, I'm settling in and enjoying a beautiful spring in Philadelphia and consumed with the new projects of exploring neighborhoods and turning our little house into a lovely home. The change is quite refreshing and gives me the energy to take bon mariage out of hibernation and into a new(ish) direction.

Warning: It's no longer going to be all weddings, all the time over here, k guys?

That being said. . .there is one wedding I'd like to post about. . .

Did you watch? Ughhhhhhhhh, I loved every second. I don't know if I'll ever be officially done consuming all the media coverage. Neither will my daughter. . .this morning when we came downstairs she picked up the remote, handed it to me and said "Princess watch?"

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Kay said...

So glad you are back mon cher! She looked great. I am envious!

Lindsay K said...

Welcome back! As soon as Royal Wedding Day hit I checked your blog in hopes that you were posting. I'll never be done soaking up details. She looked AMAZING. Your daughter sounds too precious. So glad your back blogging:)


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