Sunday, October 2, 2011

Music, laughter, and the love of friends

That pretty much sums it up, don't you think?

". . .what wonder, seeing the conditions of our welcome! If, instead of the refreshment caterer with his contract properties, Beauty's daughters were to prepare the feast, how lovely it might be and what a pleasure ground for memory! A table spread with white and gold brocade, a room hung with garlands of myrtle and bay, generous sheaves of the perfect bridal flowers - roses, lilies, and magnolias, tulips, carnations and orange blossom - all in their seasons. Great dishes and platters of silver and gold, or gleaming brass, piled high with fruits - peaches and grapes, pineapples and plums, oranges, apples, melting pears - flagons of red wine, goblets of sparkling drink, delicious fragrance of rosemary, lavender, and ceder wood in all the air - unseen voices singing madrigals, music, laughter, and the love of friends.

What an hour to remember later in the silence and the starlight."

From the Chapter "Of Wedding Breakfasts"
A Little Dinner Before the Play by Agnes Jekyll
Sigh. I get lost in the language. Back to my book, a lovely birthday gift from these guys.

(Picture via Vintage Diary)


Natasha said...

Beautifully said! Love the creativity and softness!

Eileen said...

I was entranced by the beauty of the wonderful picture described. We know how special it is to enjoy music, laughter and the love of friends.


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